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For years, decades even, crochet has been seen as the pass time for our grandmothers. We envisioned seeing them sitting in their rocking chairs with a hook in their hand and a ball of yarn in a basket next to that chair and creations forming with every twist of the wrist. In that same vision was a cat pulling around and jumping with a ball of yarn as grandma hooks the night away. Those visions have transcended time and now crocheting is not just for the old but for everyone.
Crocheting has become an art form, a therapeutic release, a mind clarifier, a friendship builder, and so much more. Crocheting has allowed young and old to develop lasting relationships beyond ones imagination. Crocheting crosses color lines and gender lines leaving the ability for all to grow share and develop.
Crocheting is timeless and ageless allowing love to be shared thru each creation. with a hook and a ball/skein of yarn there is no telling what can and will be created you just know there is time, love and true dedication in every piece.
Our purpose- to provide quality products designed with each individual in mind.

Learning to crochet at 8 years old wasnt something that I thought would become my passion but here I am deeply in love with this timeless and ageless art form. Putting down the hooks and yarn at 11 and picking them back up at 30 I found my love my passion and my desire. No two pieces are ever alike and thats what makes this craft so unique and wonderful. My name is Yasmin Bright and i am the creator and founder of I Love and enjoy creating simple and complex things that will bring another person warmth, comfort and joy. I currently live in NY with my other pride and joy, my daughter, and look forward to sharing my works of art with you and your family.

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